How to Find the Internal Storage Used in your Mac -Manage & Free up Disk space

Today we answer another user question that we received. “Whenever I try to download a file from the internet or install a new application on my Mac, I get an error that says – Your startup disk is almost full. To make more space available on your disk, delete some files. Even when I remove the downloaded files and empty the Recycle Bin, there is still limited storage and I had purchased the 128GB variant, hence, what is the best way to reclaim the disk space and can we do it for free of cost?

Well, the answer to this is very simple. Yes, you can get back the storage space on your computer, and that too for free of cost. If you have been using the Windows OS then you might have got a good habit of easily finding the files and deleting them but on the Mac OS, its a little complex but we will make it very easy for you to find the right solution. Let us dig further into the same.

Most mac users will click on the Apple Logo > About This Mac > Storage and find the instant report that gives you an overview. Just mouse over the sections and you find the exact space used by the type of media or files on your computer.

Apple Storage About Report

Next, you can click on the Manage option. This will take you to the Recommendations page that gives you a detailed report with suggestions that with one click you can start getting your space back. Though most of the options given here try to push you towards iCloud where you have to actually spend money and would be hard to manage those files.

Apple Storage Recommendations Option

Let’s look at the better options. The first step to take a look at the actual disk space on your Macbook or iMac would be by heading to the Disk Utility option that you can find directly from the Spotlight. This is where you can find the used and free space of your computer as shown below.

Apple Disk Utility App

Do make a note that the Disk Utility is only for looking at the storage space and for the next step you will have to download an application from the internet, called Omni Disk Sweeper which is a very straightforward app that once you open would show you the list of different disks connected to your computer & the best part of the app is that you can make use of the same for even looking into the external hard disk drives or your pen drives and investigate into them.

Omni Disk Sweeper App

Select the Drive & Click on the “Sweep Selected Drive” option following which it starts sizing or taking a deep look into your files & folders and this can take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the size of your drive and the number of files you have in it.

Omni Disk Sweeper App Drive Details

If you notice in the following screenshot, when we dug deep into the drive, we realized that around 17.3 GB of storage was used by the Final Cut Pro projects that we were not using anymore but needed them as project files and could easily remove the Render Files from it as they were not needed anymore. Just select the folder or the file and click on Trash to directly select the specific file and reclaim the storage space easily.

Omni Disk Sweeper App Remove Trash Files

The application might sound very limited but the point is that it does the job and you can easily find the storage used, remove the unwanted files and reclaim your space when you are running out of space. You do not need any paid applications because the job gets done for free and you can remove all the cache files, render files, downloaded apps, and programs that you might not need in the future in a very simple way.

We hope this article was helpful to you.

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