How to Access Copy Paste History on a Mac OS – Find Clipboard List

We all know the Command/⌘+C and Command/⌘+V shortcuts are for copying and pasting text, images, or any other type of file from one location to another. Though Apple computers became increasingly powerful and reliable for all our work, the clipboard functionality of these machines remained the same for well over a few decades. Apparently, the clipboard can only save one clipping even with the latest macOS Big Sur.

Whenever you copy a new text or image, the previously copied data will be gone forever, and there is no coming back. After all, there are no expectations from Apple that it will introduce an advanced clipboard manager. Currently, we have to rely on third-party clipboard apps for saving multiple clippings. A few of them also come packed with some nifty features which should help in boosting productivity. While all the apps have the ability to store multiple clippings, not all of them are available for free.

List of best clipboard managers for macOS


Pastebot is the clipboard manager from the creators of Tweetbot. It is available on the Apple App Store for $12.99. With the recent update, the app also gained support for the Apple M1-powered Macs. It also supports Universal Clipboard for pasting the copied content from your computer’s Pastebot app on your iPhone. Users can also do most of the tasks using just the keyboard shortcuts. Moreover, Pastebot will never store the copied data from the apps that are added to its blacklist.

The app also works without any issue with VMWare and Parallels. It also supports creating custom groups for easily organizing and storing all the important clipping for later use. Users can even assign custom keyboard shortcuts for the most used clippings. While all most all the clipboard managers support quick paste, Pastebot additionally offers an option to paste the clippings in a certain sequence.

Developer: Tapbots
Price: $12.99

Paste – Clipboard Manager

Paste is definitely the most popular clipboard managers available on the Apple App Store. Though the app is available for free to install, you’ll need to subscribe for a monthly ($0.99) or annual ($9.99) plan to use it. Apart from the Macs, the same subscription also works for the iPhone and iPad. Currently, the app comes with a 2-week trial with the annual plan to try out all the premium features before purchasing.

Users can also search for the previously copied content including text, link, image, and others. Organize the items with pinboards to find the frequently used items instantly. With the iCloud integration, all copied items will be synced with acorss Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Moreover, the app also supports dark mode for a comfortable view. With the recent update, the Paste app also got native support for M1 Mac models.

‎Paste - Clipboard Manager
‎Paste - Clipboard Manager
Developer: Paste Team
Price: Free+


The Unclutter is priced at $19.99, which makes it the costliest clipboard manager available on the Apple App Store. Additionally, it can functions as a files and notes app. Unlike other apps, all these three features can be accessed right from the menu bar at the top. All you need to do is move your cursor to the top of the screen and swipe down with two fingers (or scroll down if you are using a mouse). Users can also create a keyboard shortcut for easily controlling.

The recently copied text will appear in the clipboard section. While the previoiously moved files will show up in the files section, users can drag and drop the new files from desktop or any applications to store them in unclutter for easily accessing later. Apart from the iCloud integration and universal clipboard, the app also supports multi displays and dark mode. The recent update brings macOS 11 Big Sur compatibility and support for Apple M1 chip.

Developer: Eugene Krupnov
Price: $19.99

Copy ‘Em


Speaking of the advanced features, the Copy ‘Em offers many of them as standard. More importantly, it offers all these features without cluttering the user experince. The Copy ‘Em app for Mac is available on the Apple App Store and costs $14.99. It can store all kinds of data like text, images, links, code, PDFs, and files. Users can drag and drop files from the app window to any application. The app also supports unlimited shortcuts for pasting items. Organize all your favoriute clipboatd items through unlimited lists.

With the Auto-star mode, all the newly copied items will be placed in the current starred list automatically. Apart from the all the lists, each and every individual list also has its own sort option. With the built-in screenshot feature, users can capture screenshots in full screen, windows, or selected areas can place them in clipboard section. The data from the Copy ‘Em Mac app can be synced with its iOS varaint which is sold separately.

‎Copy 'Em (Clipboard Manager)
‎Copy 'Em (Clipboard Manager)
Developer: Hoi Chang
Price: $14.99


Flycut is a free-to-use clipboard manager app without any strings. It is based on the popular open-source app called Jumpcut. The Flycut app is also open-source and is available on the Apple App Store. It is simple to use app and can save only text. As per the app privacy section, this app doesn’t collect any kind of data. Moreover, it is just 1.2MB in size. The developer has already updated the app in December 2020 with support for the Apple M1 chip.

The Shift+Command/⌘+V will pop-up the app window which displays the latest copied clipping along with the time and source app. Users can move to older clippings with the up/down or left/right buttons. The favorited clipping can be seen by pressing “f” button while the app window is open. Currently, there are a few minor issues which could be fixed in the near future. However, this is still one of the best options if you are looking for a free app.

If you find any other interesting clipboard manager apps on the Apple App Store, let us know in the comments section.

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