How to Scan QR Code, Barcode on iOS, iPhone or iPad without App Download

Every smartphone user regularly scans some type of information these days, especially using payment applications. In today’s guide, we will be sharing the exact process and also the simplest steps on how you can scan any QR Code from your iOS running Apple iPhone or iPad. If you are using an Android device, you might have to download an application, but Apple has made this feature a part of their default OS, where you get access to this feature completely free of cost and without the need to download any application.

How to Scan a QR Code

  1. On your iOS device, open the Camera App.
  2. Next, point directly at the QR Code.
  3. There would be an alert on the screen based on the data from the QR Code.
  4. Tap on the same to perform the action that was pre-programmed.

iPhone Camera Scan QR Code option

The option is super simple and convenient, and you can now easily scan all the codes you find in your newspaper or the banners or advertisements you see while driving, but you may wish you kept this option as a quick shortcut at times. This is where Apple allows you to also scan from the Control Center. You must go to the Phone Settings to accomplish this.Next, tap on Customize Controls > More Controls > Code Scanner > Tap on the + to move it towards the upper section.

Apple iPhone iOS Control Centre Code Scanner

That’s it. Now you can visit the Control Center and directly tap on the Reader icon that opens up a different interface and not the camera application, while you also get the option to turn on the flashlight.

Apple iPhone iOS Control Centre Code Scanner Demo

Most of the QR codes we find are generally made to redirect you to some official websites or social media handles in order to follow them, but there have been reports of some inappropriate content access or vulgar information shown when scanned. In order to avoid getting into these kinds of situations, it is recommended to disable the option to scan QR Codes from your camera and access it only when you actually wish to scan. To disable scanning, visit the Settings > Camera > Disable Scan QR Codes option.

iPhone Camera Scan Disable QR Code option

Do not confuse these with NFC because the NFC Tags are based on hardware while the QR Codes are just two-dimensional designs that can be programmed easily and can be scanned to give away information like website URL, App Store download link, telephone, or mobile number, Plain Text, SMS Messages, Email Address to Contact, Wi-Fi Credentials, or links to Social Media Profiles. The point is to give access to some type of information that can either be quite long or not be worth giving in plain information style. You can also find QR codes on a few modern business cards that can be easily scanned. 

We hope these steps shared will be helpful to you in order to scan any type of QR Code you find online or offline and also create shortcuts and access the option easily. If you are new to Apple Axis, do take a look at our useful article on Stopping Apps From Tracking You On Your Apple iPhone.

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