How to Stream / Cast / Mirror iOS & iPhone to Amazon Fire TV Stick Using AirPlay?

The complete Apple Ecosystem works great if you own most of their devices following which you can easily sync your personal data and also enjoy the features, though our work favorite is the MacOS that gives the best productivity. The Apple iPhone and Apple TV work seamlessly to wirelessly stream content on your big screen using the proprietary AirPlay streaming protocol. If you have Amazon’s Fire TV stick, there are little workarounds to make this whole wireless streaming process similar to using Apple TV. Since AirPlay is not directly available on Firestick, we will be using a third-party app to mirror content from iPhone or iPad to your TV.

Below are the Top 3 apps from a whole variety of different applications we tried and tested and finally found the best considering multiple factors that you can use. You can pick any one of them and install it on your Fire TV stick.

  • AirScreen

AirScreen is one of the best apps for casting from your iPhone to the Firetvstick. It is compatible with all the iPhones and iPads running on iOS 8 or later. Users can also cast directly from their Macbooks as well. Apart from streaming movies and music, users also cast photos and videos from the photos app. It all works wirelessly without the need for any wires. While the free version works only for a limited time duration, the paid version will offer a full version with no restrictions.

  • AirReceiver

AirReceiver for Fire TV OS is a paid app and it costs $2.99. There is no trial version to check the compatibly of your devices. However, it works with all the iPhones and iPads running on iOS 12 or later. Unlike many other apps, the AirReceiver runs in the background and automatically starts on boot. Once installed, users can also mirror from the Macbook using the ‘AirPlay Display’ option. If you can’t find Fire TV Stick to cast from your iPhone or iPad, install the ‘CastAssist’ from the Apple App Store.

  • AirBeamTV

While the AirBeamTV Screen Mirroring Receiver app is free to install on the Fire TV Stick, users need to purchase the app that needs to be installed on their iPhone or iPad. It costs $4.99 and works with devices running on iOS 12 or later. Unlike the above two apps, using the AirBeamTV is not user-friendly as the app also needs to be installed on the source device. Hence, it is our least preferred option. However, this could be the only app that might work for a few of you.

To install any of these apps on your Fire TV stick, go to the search option and enter the name of the app (AirScreen / AirReceiver / AirBeamTV). Select the app shown on the screen and then click on “Get” to download and install on your Fire TV stick.

We hope this guide can help you in streaming or casting the content from your Apple devices easily to your Television connected to Amazon’s Fire TV.

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